Shopping in Habana, Cuba - Almacenes de San Jose

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If by chance you are looking for artwork for your home, then Habana is the place to be!  One of the best locations to shop in Habana is Almacenes de San Jose.  

It is a huge warehouse filled with art (some original, some reproductions), clothes, souvenirs, and more.  We didn't even get a chance to get through the entire mall for fear of missing our cruise. 

Basically, it is a big flea market where you can find all sorts of items.  And yes, it is a bit touristy and you will find a lot of little knick-knacks.  But if you have time to shop around you can not help but find something you love. 

I left with three paintings and a couple of souvenirs for my family. 

When there keep some things in mind

  • Don't be afraid to make a deal - the people are used to shoppers haggling, however, be fair in your pricing
  • Wear comfortable shoes - because get ready to walk, you will be doing a lot of it!
  • Bring water with you - it's hot (no air conditioning) and again huge so make sure you take something to drink and if needed snacks
  • Take cash - not U.S dollars though, make sure you have already exchanged your money

If you are going and would like more information, here is a useful link.

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